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How to use the chronograph on the Omega Speedmaster

speedmaster moon watch by omega is one of the most recognizable watches of all time,you could spot the dial from across the room,part of the reason for that is that it’s very simple.

it’s a black and white dial it’s extremely clean,and it has three sub-dials and a center mounted secondhand,let’s start off by taking a look at the subtitles and what each of them does,at the three o’clock position,you’ll see a minute counting sub-dial that goes up to.thirty minutes in time,and then at the six o’clock position we have an hour sub-dial,the tracks up to twelve hours,and then the nine o’clock subdial,is you’re running seconds hand,and this is the seconds,that just keeps time,as you’re wearing the watch day to day,the center mounted seconds hand is the timer that’s used in conjunction with the chronograph,and the tech,meter function,the chronograph on the omega speedmaster,is a very simple complication,in an’s,much like a pornographic find on any other watch,it has a really standard layout of a crown with two pushers on the right hand side,whereas the top pusher,starts and stops the chronograph function.the bottom pusher,resets the chronograph back to zero,

if you’re unfamiliar with the watch,it looks like it might not be operating properly because the center amount of the second hand,is,always,straight up at the twelve o’clock position,until you start timing something,once you start timing an event,by pushing the top pusher,the seconds hand,in the center position starts to move around,as minister,the three o’clock sub-dial will keep track of those,up to thirty minutes,and as hours are tracked,the six o’clock sub-dial will keep track of those,the omega speedmaster can keep track of time,up to twelve hours,then we use the top push,one more time,to stop,and if we’d like to reset we use the bottom pusher,to zero everything back out,

next we’re going to talk about the speed masters tech meter complication.

first of what is attacking meter,meters the scale to miserable speed,and distance,and on the omega speedmaster,it’s located around the outside of the bezel right here,and it’s graduated.from five hundred,to sixty,to use the tag commuter complication on the speedmaster,first thing you need to do is choose a unit of reference,the two most common will be miles or kilometers,second you need a visual reference,for one of those units,the mile markers on a highway are really good example of this,so let’s use the taxi meter bezel,with the highway example,so we want to come up to one mile marker,and when we pass them.for the first time,we hit the top button,to start timing,the seconds hand will start moving,as we’re driving along we wait until we come up to the second mile marker,and as we passed that second mile marker,we hit the top button again to stop it,now to make your reading,use the center,mounted seconds hand,it’s pointing to the tachymeter,bezel and the scale around it,in this’s about four hundred,so,your speed would be an average of four hundred miles or kilometers per hour,for that distance,hopefully,shed some light on how to use the functions.

i have the omega watch speedmaster moon watch.

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